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Drinking Fountains

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Drinking Fountains

A drinking fountain, also known as a non-refrigerated water cooler, is a great option for environments that should have accessible water, but may need to conserve energy or costs. Since drinking fountains do not function with a cooling element like a water chiller or water cooler, they use less energy, and therefore generate very little overhead cost. Often, public places like libraries, schools, or parks utilize free-standing water fountains to keep operation costs low. Another reason some facilities choose to use non-refrigerated water coolers is because there is no electrical source available at the location of the fountain, or it’s being installed outdoors..

Almost every water cooler and bottle filler we carry can be installed without the cooler unit inside. In this case, , the fixture simply functions as a fountain, and unrefrigerated water is pumped through the unit. If you are interested in a water cooler without the cooling unit, simply state that when requesting your quote, and we will give you pricing for the unit(s) without the cost of the cooler unit and parts.

We suggest that you browse our website, and then give us a call to speak with one of our sales specialists. We’ll help you figure out which drinking fountain model(s) might be the best fit for you.