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Oasis International

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Oasis Drinking Fountains Coolers Bottle Fillers

Oasis International has continued to create eco-friendly, reliable, and renowned water drinking solutions for the last 100 years. Equiparts Water Fountains is proud to carry these high quality products from Oasis, including hands-free sports bottle fillers, split level water fountains, and vandal resistant water coolers.One of the biggest benefits of Oasis units, is that they can function with a re-usable filter system that Oasis has patented, called the OASIS® Green Filter system.

If Oasis makes it, we carry it. This includes Oasis units, parts like cooling tanks and bubblers, Oasis repair parts, assembly parts, and replacement parts like the EZ-Green Filtration system and Filter cartridge replacement for the Versacooler and other series. Most Oasis units and parts we have listed are currently in stock. However, if you don’t see a unit or part listed online, do not hesitate to request a quote for it as some items may not be listed online. If you are looking for any Oasis repair part, or a particular Oasis model, please reach out to us for our sale information and pricing directly by phone, at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM