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Water Coolers

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There are many different ways to search for parts and units on our website. You can search directly via search bar. You can also search by unit type, location, part, or brand using the left navigation. And alternatively, you can find units and parts by browsing by unit type in the main navigation.

Search Bar

Search for products using our custom Google Search Bar located on the top left section of the site, above the left size navigation.

Left Navigation

You can also search for products by utilizing the navigation listed on the left side of the page. Search by:
• Unit Type (Architectural, Wall-Mounted Water Cooler, Bi-Level Water Cooler, etc.)
• Location (Schools, Office Buildings, Churches, etc.)
• Part (Bubblers, Water Chillers, Filters, etc.)
• Brand (Oasis, Elkay, Halsey Taylor, etc.)

Top Navigation

Search for products utilizing the categories listed in the top navigation. Browse through units sorted by unit type (water cooler, bottle filler, or drinking fountain), and then sort even further based upon brand, type or part.