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Best Pet Drinking Fountains

Best Drinking Fountains for Pets

Just like people, pets need a drink too.

It can be heartbreaking to see an overheated dog panting and struggling to keep cool on a hot day. Careless owners often take their pet for a walk, a run, or to a festival on a hot day without thinking about their dog’s water needs, putting the animal at risk for dehydration. 

At, not only do we carry units such as retrofit bottle fillers, bi-level water coolers, and floor mounted pedestal fountains, we also carry a selection of drinking fountains specially designed for our four-legged friends. These pet fountains are mounted at ground level so that pets can have easy access to drinking water. The bowls are slow draining to allow Pet Drinking Fountain in Parktime for your dog to get properly hydrated. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including pet-only fountains, or combination drinking fountain/bottle filler units with pet fountain. Whatever your water cooler or drinking fountain needs are, can help!

Pets should always have access to clean drinking water, but drinking water access for animals becomes even more imperative in warm weather. Every pet-friendly facility or outdoor area should provide drinking water access for pets, especially in areas where pets will be physically exerting themselves. These places can include walking trails, hiking trails, dog parks, and dog-friendly apartment complexes or office areas. Other places that should add pet drinking stations are places that host festivals, art shows, and urban areas where dog owner populations are high.

Make sure your pet-friendly facility or area is truly pet-friendly by installing one of the commercial pet drinking fountains in our top pet fountain list. For more information about each unit, click on the pet fountain image or link. 

Stand Alone Pet Fountains

Heavy duty iron pedestal spigot with cast aluminum pet bowl by Murdock Manufacturing

Murdock Model #: M-PFS

Equiparts Part #65554



Stainless Steel Dual Pet Drinking Fountain by Murdock

Murdock model #: M-PM74

Equiparts Part #65555



Combination Drinking Fountain Pet Fountains

Outdoor Vandal Resistant Pedestal Fountain with Pet Fountain by Elkay

Elkay Model #: LK4400DB

Equiparts Part #89836



Outdoor Vandal Resistant Bi-Level ADA Pedestal Fountain with Pet Fountain by Elkay

Elkay Model #: LK4420DB

Equiparts Part #: 65551



Barrier Free Bi-level Stainless Steel Pedestal Fountain with Pet Bowl by Haws Corp

Haws Model #: 3500D

Equiparts Part #: 65553



Combination Drinking Fountain, Bottle Filler, and Pet Fountains

Outdoor tubular drinking fountain with bottle filler and pet fountain by Elkay

Elkay Model #: LK4420BF1LDB

Equiparts Part #: 65552



Outdoor Drinking Fountain with Bottle Filler and Pet Fountain by Halsey Taylor

Halsey Taylor Model #: 4420BF1UDB

Equiparts Part #: SP14409



Get pricing for the commercial pet drinking fountain you are most interested in. If you are interested in ordering a pet drinking fountain but don’t see the model or style you are interested in, give us a call at 800-442-6622 Mon-Fri: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm EST. Many of the drinking fountains we carry have add-on pet bowls as optional accessories that we can order for you. To purchase any of the units shown above, simply click on the pet fountain you are interested in, learn more about it including installation requirements, rough-ins, and specifications, then add the fountain to your cart and proceed to check out. 

At Equiparts, we have long-standing relationships with our manufacturers. For drinking fountains, we work with Elkay, Oasis, Murdock, Haws, Halsey Taylor, and Central Brass. We know the products we sell and can give you expert product support on your pet fountain purchase from installation to 20 years down the road when you need repair parts to service your fountain, you're covered when you order from Equiparts.