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Elkay Bottle Fillers

Elkay Bottle Fillers

Elkay is one of the best water bottle refill station manufacturers in the industry. Many of their units utilize a visual user interface display called the ‘Innovative Green Ticker™’, which counts the bottles saved from waste. Many of their bottle filler units also utilize a sanitary, touchless activation with auto 20-second shut-off.

Elkay’s most popular hydration station is the ezH2O bottle filling station, which comes in a variety of models that fit nearly every setting imaginable. There is an ezH2O retrofit kit which installs on existing EZ water cooler units. Elkay Bottle Filler units are also available as surface mounted units, in Elkay’s Architectural Fountains, In-wall units, and also in outdoor units made of durable and protected materials. Some of Elkay’s newer models even have an energy saving mode, which can be programmed to power down refrigeration in times of low or non-use. No matter what application or location you are planning to install your Elkay hydration station in, you will be able to find a fitting fountain from Elkay’s ezH2O family of fountains. Equiparts has been a supplier of drinking fountains for over 50 years, which has enabled us to create prosperous relationships with the fountain manufacturers we sell and pass on that product knowledge and pricing to our valued customers.

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