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Drinking Fountain Videos

View our growing collection of drinking fountain videos below. You will find our latest video, a how-to video that teaches you how to replace the filter in an Elkay ezH2O bottle filler and reset the filter light on your Elkay bottle filling station, as well as more videos we’ve made in the past that showcase some of the features of Murdock water coolers and how to service the Murdock Maintenance Advantage Water Cooler.


Oasis Water Cooler to Bottle Filler Conversion Video

Learn how to install this kit by watching our Oasis Water Cooler to Bottle Filler Conversion Kit Installation Video, linked below. In this video, Equiparts Sales Representative Chris Romagnoli will give you step-by-step instructions on how complete your upgrade. He will walk you through the installation from start to finish in less than 10 minutes.



How to Replace Elkay Bottle Filler Filter and Reset Filter Light Video

Watch this video to learn how to replace the Elkay bottle filler filter and also reset the filter light on your Elkay bottle filling station. Read the corresponding article that shares additional information about replacing an ezH2O filter and resetting the filter light in the Filter Replacement and Reset Light Blog Post.


How-To Service the Murdock Maintenance Advantage Water Cooler

In this video, viewers will learn about the features and benefits of Murdock Maintenance Advantage Water Coolers. You will learn how to turn off the water, remove the cartridge, and clean or replace the filter in just minutes. Bonus: watch to learn the proper stream height needed to meet ADA requirements.


Murdock Bottle Fillers: Learn Bottle Filler Features and Info 

In this bottle filler focused video, you will learn about the features and advantages of Murdock Bottle Fillers. You'll learn about bottle filler add-ons, how to service the bottle filler, push-button options, how to clean this unit, and how it is shipped.


Murdock Water Cooler Strainer Removal 

In this video, you will see how easy it is to service the strainer of  Murdock Maintenance Advantage Water Coolers without taking the unit apart. It shows you a close up of the procedure that Bob explained in video #1.


Visit this page often as we grow our collection of drinking fountain, water cooler, and bottle filler related videos!