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Murdock Drinking Fountains

Murdock Drinking Fountains

Murdock is a manufacturer of drinking fountains and bottle fillers, most well known for their durable outdoor fountains that cater to parks and recreational markets. Murdock drinking fountains have been in production since 1853. Some of the units manufactured by Murdock in the 1800’s are still functional to this day, which shows just how well-made Murdock water fountains are. A majority of their drinking fountains are made of extremely durable materials like cast iron, concrete, and brass that are most fitting for outdoor settings like parks, cityscapes, rest areas, outdoor college and school communal areas, freeze proof outdoor locations, and other recreational settings. Murdock’s products include round concrete pet fountains, tri-level concrete pedestal fountains, and more. Look no further than Murdock for a broad range of hydration stations made to stand the test of time regardless of harsh conditions like freezing temperatures or rough/high volume usage. View Murdock Water Coolers or Murdock Bottle Fillers.

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