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Equiparts Drinking Fountains is the most informative online resource for drinking fountain, bottle filler, and water cooler purchases.


We are Equiparts, the Repair Parts Specialists, who take pride in providing high quality products and outstanding service to our customers. Unlike some drinking fountain resellers you may find online, we not only sell drinking fountains, but we help our customers find the best units to suit their needs, and help them service their units and find the repair parts and filters required to keep them running 24/7. Equiparts Drinking Fountains provides you with an extensive selection of top brand water fountains, bottle filling stations, and water coolers including Elkay, Oasis, Murdock, Haws, Halsey Taylor, Central Brass, and more.

Most of the water fountains are currently in stock at our warehouse, waiting patiently to provide your educational facility, fitness club, office space, or hospital with the hydration station most fitting for your location and unique water fountain needs. Our unit selection includes wall mounted drinking fountains, retrofit bottle filling stations, ADA water coolers, bi-level water coolers, and vandal-resistant drinking fountains.

We also offer an extensive line of repair parts for water fountains and bottle fillers, including bubblers, push pads, cartridges, solenoids, filters, valves, hoses, spouts, handles, and much more. Click on a water cooler, bottle filler, or drinking fountain unit to learn the make, model,  type of installation, finish, optional features, warranty, and view spec sheets, installation instructions and more. 

Photographic Parts Breakdowns

Elkay LZS8L Parts Breakdown

View our custom-made parts breakdown for popular Elkay LZS8L model water coolers. Our high-quality part images make finding the right parts for your water coolers easy. View the EZS8L Parts Breakdown now. 

Oasis PG8AC Parts Breakdown

We made our own, high-quality, photograph-based  parts breakdown of the Oasis PG8AC water cooler to help you find the parts you need for your Oasis units with ease. View the Oasis PG8AC Parts Breakdown.