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Oasis PG8AC Water Cooler Parts Breakdown

The Oasis PG8AC is a very popular Oasis wall mount water cooler. That is why we chose to feature this water cooler as our second photographic water cooler parts breakdown, the first being the Elkay EZS8L Parts Breakdown. We hope that you will find this Oasis water cooler parts breakdown helpful for finding the parts needed to repair your water cooler units. The parts breakdown photos below depict the PG8AC unit both from the top with the basin removed, and from the front, with the front panels removed, to help give you a sense of the inner working of this Oasis water cooler and make it easier to find the repair parts needed for your Oasis PG8AC Versafiller water cooler. Click on the numbered repair part links listed below the images to view the part in our website and add it to your cart. We also share related repair parts not listed in the image that you may need in addition to the parts shown at the end of the parts list under the 'not pictured' heading.

Oasis PG8AC Parts Breakdown

Oasis PG8AC Parts Breakdown with Images


 Oasis PG8AC Water Cooler Parts Breakdown PDF


  • 1. #88434 - (035607-111) - Antimicrobial Flexible Bubbler
  • 2. #56239 - (028706-030) - Fountain Washer
  • 3. #85862 - (036026-001) - Bubbler Nut w/ JG
  • 4. #47014KIT - (038934-101) - New Style Fountain Basin Stainless Steel
  • 5. #85828 - (031766-201) - Fountain Condenser
  • 6. #05677 - (024033) - Fan Blade
  • 7. #88190 - (027354-036) - Water Cooler Fan Motor
  • 8. #SP7543 - (034343-003) - Drier without Process Port
  • 9. #84683 - (036056-003) - Fountain Relay
           #57495 - (032836-007) - Fountain Overoad/Relay
  • 10. #84684 - (027956-009) - Run Capacitor
  • 11. #57496 - (027956-004) - Cooler Capacitor
             #84687 - (027956-008) - Start Capacitor
  • 12. #05914 - (033469-001) - Insulated Cooling Tank
  • 13. #83693 - (035412-005-SP) - Fountain Activation Assembly
  • 14. #85210 - (028481-101) - Union Elbow Fitting
  • 15. #SP10160 - (035990-001) - Cartridge Holder
  • 16. #57997 - (029967-001) - Fountain Cartridge
  • 17. #85873 - (035504-013-SP) - Waterline Tank or Valve to Bubbler
  • 18. #85877 - (035504-010-SP) - Waterline Inlet to Valve or Tank
             #85875 - (035504-011-SP) - Waterline Tank to Valve

    Not Pictured:
  • #53710 - (026824-019) - Bubbler Locknut
  • #53710 - (036049-002) - Drain Screw
  • #05930 - (031892-004) - Fountain Waste Assembly
  • #SP6358 - (A020957) - Plastic Retainer Nut
  • #85864 - (035080-009) - Panel for Left Side Sandstone
  • #85867 - (035081-009) - Panel for Right Side Sandstone
  • #61409 - (035079-002) - Front Panel Sandstone








Which Oasis Water Cooler Models is this Parts Breakdown For?


The exact unit photographed for this parts breakdown is the Oasis PG8AC model water cooler. This breakdown is also a resource for the following Oasis water coolers: the  PG8AC-SS, PG8ACSL, PG8ACSL-SS (shown below) and the nonrefrigerated drinking fountain model PGAC. 

The only difference between the PG8AC and the PG8AC-SS unit (shown below) is the finish. The PG8AC-SS version is simply the stainless steel model. This breakdown can also be helpful for the bi-level versions of the PG8AC water coolers (Oasis models PG8ACSL and PG8ACSL-SS) however some items will differ since these are the bi-level models and some interior systems will differ. As for Oasis PGAC drinking fountains, the breakdown is still helpful. The cooling parts within the unit will simply not apply to the nonrefridgerated version. 


More Oasis Water Cooler Parts Breakdowns


Although this is the only photographic parts breakdown we have made for Oasis water coolers, you can still find the manufacturer parts breakdowns for every unit we share here in our online water cooler shop  (this includes manufacturers other than Oasis, too) or by visiting the water cooler or drinking fountain's product page, where we share a link to the parts breakdown at the bottom of the unit's description. Below is a list of the Oasis water cooler parts breakdowns for your convienience:


 Listed below are the Oasis Water Coolers this photographic Oasis water cooler parts breakdown applies to. Click on any of the Oasis water cooler titles to visit the units page and learn more or add the complete unit to your cart. Remember that if you buy four or more Oasis units from us, you qualify for free shipping, which will automatically be applied when you add four Oasis units to your cart. 


Oasis PG8ACOasis PG8AC Water Cooler Sandstone

Water Cooler ADA Wall Mount

Equiparts Part #03530



Oasis PG8AC-SS Water Cooler Stainless Steel

ADA Water Cooler Wall Mounted with Stainless Steel Panels

Equiparts Part #03530SS





Oasis PG8ACSL Bilevel Water Cooler Sandstone

ADA Bi-Level Water Coolers Wall Mounted

Equiparts Part #03523


Oasis PG8ACSL-SS Versafiller

Oasis PG8ACSL-SS Bilevel Water Cooler Stainless Steel

ADA Bi-Level Water Cooler with Stainless Steel Panels

Equiparts Part #03523SS


 Looking for more help serviing your Oasis water cooler units? Read our Oasis Water Cooler Troubleshooting Article to learn how to complete the most commonly occuring Oasis water cooler problems, like how to clean a dirty condenser, how to replace the water control, how to adjust the stream height from your bubbler, and answers to common oasis unit questions.