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Elkay EZS8L Water Cooler Parts Breakdown

The Elkay EZS8L is a very popular Elkay wall mount water cooler. That is why we chose to feature the Elkay EZS8L water cooler as our first photographic water cooler parts breakdown. We hope that you will find this Elkay parts breakdown helpful for finding the parts needed to repair your Elkay EZS8L and EZS8S water cooler units. View the Front and Top EZS8L and EZS8S Parts Breakdowns below. Click on the parts links below the images to view the part in our website and add it to your cart.

 Elkay EZS8L Parts Breakdown

Elkay EZS8L Parts Breakdown

Elkay EZS8L Water Cooler Parts Breakdown PDF

  • 1. #12804 - (98778C) - Heatx / Drier
  • 2. #05908 - (98724C) - Evaporator Assembly
  • 3. #46862 - (28401C) - Hanger Bracket
  • 4. #87848 - (98775C) - Water Cooler Fan Motor Kit
  • 5. #83574 - (97970C) - Fountain Drain Kit
  • 6. #84663 - (98466C) - Solenoid Valve Regulator Assembly
  • 7. #83688 - (36216C) - Front & Side Push Button Wiring Harness
  • 8. #86362 - (56213C) - Access Panel
  • 9. #87083 - (98734C) - Front & Side Drinking Fountain Push Bars
  • 10. #12806 - (1000001600) - Front Pushbar Only (2 Pack)
  • 11. #05793 - (92715C) - Flex Bubbler Assembly
             #84021 - (97446C) - Vandal Resistant Bubbler Assembly
  • 12. #66607 - (55001109) - Stainless Steel Fountain Basin
  • 13. #66933 - (98773C) - Cold Control / Thermostat Kit
  • 14. #66113 - (98776C) - Condenser Kit
  • 15. #81764 - (1000001602) - 5/16" x 1/4" Elbows (3 Pack)
  • 16. #12800 - (66703C) - Drier
  • 17. #89482 - (98898C) - Fountain Hardware Kit
  • 18. #12802 - (98774C) - Internal Wiring Kit
  • 19. #67753 - (0000000238) - Overload & Relay
  • 20. #87641 - (36322C) - Compressor Service Pack
  • 21. #12803 - (98777C) - Compressor Mounting Hardware
  • View the EZS8L Water Cooler
  • View the EZS8S Water Cooler


Elkay EZS8L and EZS8S Water Coolers


This Parts Breakdown Applies to Both Elkay EZS8L and EZS8S Water Cooler Units.


Note: The Elkay model EZS8L is a wall-mounted, ADA compliant, non-filtered, 8 GPH, light gray granite water cooler. This is the unit that was photographed for this parts breakdown. There is another model, the Elkay EZS8S, which is identical, except that it has a stainless steel finish. This means that the inner repair parts shown in our EZS8L parts breakdown images will be the same for the EZS8S, except for the panel replacements, which have different finishes.


Why do we remake manufacturer line-drawing parts breakdowns with our high-quality parts photos? 

It is common for drinking fountains, faucets, flushometers, and other maintenance and plumbing fixtures to include small, similar looking parts, which causes the wrong parts to be ordered. This model-specific parts breakdowns are designed to help you find the right parts to repair your drinking fountains the first time. 


At Equiparts, we have found that high-quality images of repair parts are crucial in identifying the repair parts needed for your fixtures. It is common for drinking fountains, faucets, flushometers, and other plumbing fixtures to have small parts that can accidentally get replaced with similar looking, but incorrect parts. This is why we recreate line-drawing breakdowns with our high-quality photos of the parts. These photographic parts breakdowns show you the following:

  1. Where the part is installed within the fixture (or water cooler in this instance),
  2. Exactly what the part looks like, both within the water cooler, and pulled out of the unit.

After viewing the Elkay parts breakdowns and verifying which repair parts you need to fix your EZS8L or EZS8S water cooler, click on the links that are listed underneath the parts breakdown images to view their page. Then you can add the parts to your cart, and place your order.


Do you have a different style Elkay water cooler you want to see a photographic parts breakdown for?
Send us an email at and let us know. Be sure to include the Elkay water cooler model or the model of a different manufacturer water cooler and we will add it to our list of commercial water cooler parts breakdowns to remake in the near future.


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