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Oasis Water Coolers

Oasis Water Coolers

Oasis International is a leading manufacturer of water coolers. Oasis focuses on providing eco-friendly drinking water solutions that provides people with clean water. Equiparts has been a distributor of Oasis water coolers and parts for decades. We are now a master distributor of Oasis and carry their complete water cooler units and parts.

We carry all of the following types of units by Oasis International: wall mounted, recessed, modular, free standing, Aqua Pointe, Versafiller combination units, antimicrobial copper units, chillers, special application units that prevent corrosion or are for hazardous duty, and more. Oasis water cooler solutions are ideal in most indoor situations, including the following facilities: schools, hotels, airports, corporate offices, and other indoor situations. View all of our Oasis water cooler units in this section. Not only do we carry Oasis water coolers, but we also carry Oasis water cooler parts and Oasis water filters.

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