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Oasis PG8AC Updated Basin Design Article

Oasis PG8AC Updated Basin Design


New from Oasis: an updated basin design for all of its PG8AC series water coolers. This updated basin will now be included with all single, bi-level, and bottle filler combination unit PG8AC water cooler units.


Oasis PG8AC Water Cooler with Old and New Style Basin Designs


Take a look at the comparison images that show the old style basin design and the new style basin design in juxtaposition to one another to more easily identify the differences between the old and new style basins.


Oasis PG8AC Full Water Cooler View

Oasis water cooler basin top view

New Basin Design Improvements


Oasis made design improvements to one of their most popular water cooler basins in order to make them more user-friendly to patrons of the water cooler and also to minimize maintenance for the facility managers who service them. There are a total of five changes made to improve the Oasis PG8AC basin designs:

  1. Improved Drainage - The new basin sports star-shaped drain holes that decreases clogs and improves drainage.
  2. Reduced Splashing - The new basin has a ½-inch deeper basin to reduce splashing. 
  3. Eliminated Front Spillover - The new basin is designed with a deeper front edge which eliminates any spillover that used to occur with older designs.
  4. Retro-fits Oasis PG8AC model units back to 1995 - This new basin can be retrofitted to replace old basins on PG8AC model water coolers back to 1995. The update will also require a new waste gasket (Oasis model 031756-003).
  5. Fresh New Look - The new design is more modern looking, with deeper curves and a more aesthetically pleasing overall look.


New Oasis PG8AC units will come with this new style basin. To replace the basin on your existing PG8AC water cooler or PG8AC combination water cooler bottle filler, you can purchase the Oasis Basin Kits now available in our online store. See the links below to find the kit that is designed for your unit. Not that these are kits, not just the basins, because a new waste gasket is also needed when switching to the updated basin design. 

Oasis New Style Fountain Basin
Equiparts Part #47014KIT 
This new style basin retrofit kit is for Oasis PG8AC water cooler units (without a bottle filler).

Oasis New Style Basin for Combination Bottle Filler Units
Equiparts Part Number: #47015KIT 
This new style basin retrofit kit is for Oasis water cooler bottle filler combination units.



Oasis Water Cooler Banner

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Oasis PG8AC Water Cooler Troubleshooting

For help Troubleshooting your Oasis units, read our Oasis Water Cooler Troubleshooting Article.