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Haws 2000SMS Filtered Surface Mount Sensor Brita Bottle Filling Station



Part Number: #65606
Manufacturer: Haws Corp
Mfg Number: 2000SMS
Installation: Surface-Mount Sensor Operated Bottle Filling Hydration Station
ADA Compliant: Yes
Finish: #4 satin stainless steel back panel
Filter Included: Yes
GPH: 0.5 GPM
Vandal Resistant: No
Operation: Sensor Operated Bottle Filler

The Brita Surface Mounted Hydration Station is produced by Haws. This unit is a sensor operated bottle filling station. The surfaced mounted Brita bottle filler is a great wall hung option on solid or impenetrable walls where recessed units are not a possibility. It can be mounted in most any location where a water line is reasonably accessible. The unit has an ABS plastic front panel, and stainless steel back panel. The electronic components of the unit function by plugging the unit into a nearby outlet. This unit uses a 2,500 gallon filtration system that includes a filter replacement indicator light, and an integral function that halts water use when filter life is extinguished. This stops access to water that is not properly filtered, making this unit ideal in areas where poor water quality is known. Unit is quality control tested prior to shipment. The Haws Brita Hydration Station Model 2000SMS is ideal in situations where recessed units are preferred, but not possible, or areas where space saving design is important, or filtered water only is a priority.

• Sensor Operated Bottle Filler with Automatic 30 Second Shut Off
• Surface Mount Bottle Filler
• Satin Finished Stainless Steel Back Panel
• ABS Plastic Front Panel Construction
• Water Quality Control – Auto Shut Off when Filter Life is Spent
• Advanced Brita® Filtration System
• Filter Replacement Indicator Light
• Integrated Drain Trap
• ADA Compliant

View the Recessed Brita Surface Mounted Hydration Station #65605

• Spec Sheet (PDF)