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Drinking Fountain Bubbler with Flex Guard



Part Number: #05606FLEX
Manufacturer: Equiparts Approved Vendor

Drinking Fountain Bubbler with Flex Guard.

Polished Chrome Drinking Fountain Bubbler Valve with Flex Guard. 3/8" IPS. The Flex Guard on this bubbler functions as a safeguard, protecting users' teeth and mouth, in case someone accidentally knocks their mouth into the bubbler when they go to take a sip of water. 

This bubbler is universal in the sense that it works for most installations. Most often, it is used for non-refrigerated fountains. Best for use on simple, bowl fountains or fountains without push buttons on the outside of the cooler (since activation for this bubbler is through the push button on the bubbler itself). Lead-free design. Simple installation. Note: This bubbler is not ADA compliant.

This bubbler can be used on a wide variety of water fountains.