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Filter EZ-Turn Green System for P8AM & P8AC



Part Number: #03582
Manufacturer: Oasis International
Mfg Number: 033926-003

Ideal for replacing your existing filter applications, the EZ-turn allows you to simultaneously connect up to 2 customized filters of your choice for superior water quality and taste. The Green Filter is simple to install. Wherever space is at a premium, the biodegradable Green Filter can be installed with little more than a push and click. Filters chlorine, taste, odor, and lead.

The Green Filter offers an affordable, environmentally sound alternative. Compared to other filtration products, the outer housing is reusable and stays intact, with only the biodegradable filter media changed as needed. This filter has a range of interior filter options which utilize different media which corresponding to various performance levels. Used on P8AM and P8AC. Compatible with most under sink filtration systems, coffee machines, refrigerators, drinking fountains, and POU water coolers.