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Galaxi and Sediment Double-Stage Filter System



Part Number: #88032
Manufacturer: Oasis International
Mfg Number: 038151-002

Complete Double-Stage Filter System for Oasis Green Filter Systems. Includes first filter cartridge for sediment reduction, and second filter cartridge for carbon and lead with upgraded Galaxi cartridge.

The upgraded Galaxi cartridge filters sediment, chlorine, taste, odor, lead, and prevents scale. Scale prevention component added for hard water or hot water as it keeps scale from building up in hot water tanks.

The Galaxi Filter Cartridge lasts 3 times longer than other cartridges. Galaxi is designed to hold dirt better than other cartridges. Great for water coming from wells. sediment filter gets large particles from water source so when water goes to second filter, it doesn’t get clogged as fast. Mainly used for point of use situations.

Includes: sediment cartridge, galaxi cartridge, housing, metal bracket, head, mounting hardware, elbows, and tubing.