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Elkay Bottle Filler 6-Month Maintenance Checklist

Elkay bottle filler maintenance

If you are one of the many businesses and facilities who are now using hands free bottle fillers instead of drinking fountains, it's important to maintain your unit to keep it running properly. Elkay has provided a list of actions to take every six months to make sure your bottle filler stays in top shape for your patrons and employees. You will want to make sure you take care of your investment, and provide a sanitary experience for your users.

In addition to checking various mechanical parts to make sure they are functioning properly, several areas of the bottle filler need to be cleaned for public hygiene.

When cleaning the stainless steel, polyvinyl, and chrome surfaces of your filler, use an ordinary mild food-safe detergent and a soft cloth. Each plastic component of the filler is embedded with a silver ion antimicrobial protection which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Cleaning with a mild detergent will not hurt the antimicrobial properties. Never use steel soap pads on your bottle filler. Particles can adhere to the stainless surface, and those will eventually rust. Light scratches on the basin are normal, and will blend into a uniform finish over time. For the electronic displays and sensors, wipe them with a soft, dry cloth, preferably microfiber. If necessary, you can lightly mist the cloth with deionized water, and then wipe the electronic surfaces clean. If you have a flexible fill mat, remove the four screws, and clean above and beneath the mat. Towel dry all surfaces after cleaning.

Below is the complete six-month maintenance checklist for Elkay bottle fillers. 


Elkay Bottle Filler 6 Month Maintenance Checklist

  1. Clean entire unit (basin and bottle filler).
  2. Clean condenser and louvers (if unit is refrigerated).
  3. Change filter (if it is a filtered unit).
  4. Check entire unit for leaks.
  5. Clean bubbler orifice (if scaly).
  6. Check bubbler stream height (adjust if necessary). This task does need to follow the filter change and orifice cleaning.
  7. Check to ensure the refrigeration system cycles properly. Check that compressor and fan turn on and shut down.
  8. Test water temperature.
  9. Check to see that fan spins freely (if unit is refrigerated).
  10. Test activation of bottle filler.
  11. Test 20 second time out of bottle filler.
  12. Make sure bottle filler water flow is laminar, clean, repair, or replace nozzle if necessary.





Download the Elkay Bottle Filler 6-Month Maintenance Checklist PDF.

Print and post it in your office or supply room to remember to perform needed routine maintenance on your fixtures. 





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