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Murdock A172408F-UG Vandal Resistant Bilevel Water Cooler Stainless Steel


Satin Stainless Steel

Part Number: #66737
Manufacturer: Murdock
Mfg Number: A172408F-UG
Installation: Wall mounted bi-level water cooler
ADA Compliant: Yes
Finish: Stainless Steel
Filter Included: No
Vandal Resistant: Yes

This Murdock water fountain contains a bi-level, barrier-free water cooler unit. It is part of the A171 product line with model number is A172408F. This fountain can function without electricity, enabling access to room temperature water during power outages and other emergencies. The pressurized, 304 stainless steel constructed cooler has stainless steel finished panels and an integral drain. The bubbler has a one-piece design that is crafted to increase water savings. This fountain is lead-free in construction and has built-in 100-micron strainer to stop unwanted particles before they can enter the waterway. This fountain has a singular push button that is centered on the front making it easy for users to activate the water flow. But what really makes this fountain stand out is Murdock’s revolutionary Maintenance Advantage design which enables maintenance and repair to be completed more easily. Included with the unit is also a unique key which gives easy access to certain parts within the unit. The stream height is externally adjustable with this key. Unit is pre-piped for a bottle filler to be installed. Comes with universal mounting back plate. The water cooler is ADA approved when mounted at the instructed height.

• Bi-Level Barrier Free Coolers
• Wall Mounted with Vandal Resistant Screws
• Lead-Free Construction
• Functions in Power Outage
• Maintenance Advantage – Easy Installation and Repairs
• Flexible, One-Piece Water Saver Bubbler
• Single Push Button for Efficient Water Activation
• Integral Drain Included
• Laminar Flow
• Deep Basin for Reduced Splashing
• Integral Drain Included
• Stainless Steel Top
• 304 Stainless Steel Frame
• Stainless Steel Panel Finish
• 100 Micron Strainer
• ADA Approved
• Intended for Indoor Use

• Spec Sheet (PDF)