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Eliminate the Bubbler on Elkay Drinking Fountains with Bottle Fillers

Elkay bubbler removal parts


Bubblers are notorious for harboring germs. This is why in the era of the Coronavirus, many facilities are looking for ways to disable use of the bubblers on drinking fountain units, while still permitting use of the bottle filler. Fortunately, this can be done in a couple of different ways:

  1. Covering the bubbler with a lock out kit to stop the bubbler from being accessed.
  2. Capping the line to the bubbler so water will no longer flow to the bubbler.

Learn more about the bubbler cover in our Bubbler Cover Lock Out Kit Article.

Read on to learn how to cap the line to the bubblers of Elkay combination drinking fountain bottle filler units, and what parts you will need to do so. If you want to cap or cover the bubbler hole of a unit that is not made by Elkay, read our Oasis Bubbler Removal Article or give us a call for help removing the bubbler from other manufacturer units.


Unfortunately, you cannot simply cover the drinking fountain of a combination unit because the bottle filler uses the drain as well. The pathway from the bottle filler to the fountain drain must remain open. 


Repair Parts Needed to Shut Off Water to Bubbler

The following parts are needed to shut off the water to the bubbler on an Elkay drinking fountain with bottle filler unit:

Read the directions below to learn how to install these parts.

We also carry the following parts that you may wish to use to cover the bubbler hole:


Read the directions listed in the PDF linked below to learn how to install these parts:
EZ Cooler Bubbler Cap Installation Manual PDF



Directions for shutting off water to the fountain bubbler, while keeping the bottle filler in operation

  1. Shut off the water to your water cooler while completing the alteration to your cooler. 
  2. Remove all panels needed to access the lower portion of the unit. 
  3. Find the ¼ x ¼ x ⅜ inch tee fitting in the water cooler. This is where the ¼-inch water line feeds to the fountain solenoid, and a ⅜-inch line feeds to the bottle filler. Remove this tee fitting and replace it with a ¼-inch x ⅜-inch union fitting. This will reconfigure the unit to send water to the bottle filler only.
  4. Cap the ¼-inch line to the fountain solenoid with the ¼-inch line cap. This will eliminate the flow of water to the bubbler. It will also eliminate any dripping of residual water in the lines.
  5. Test the unit by turning the water back on. If everything is working properly, replace the panels.
  6. Post the free printable sign that tells patrons the bubbler is unavailable for use.

When you want to use the bubbler again, simply uncap the ¼-inch line and replace the ¼-inch x ⅜-inch union fitting with the original ¼ x ¼ x ⅜ inch tee fitting. 

Free Printable Sign to Alert Users of Temporary Disconnection of Bubbler 

Download the free sign below. Print it and post it on or near your drinking fountain to inform patrons and/or employees why the bubbler is disconnected. This will also discourage customers from touching the bubbler or push bar.

The sign reads:


Due to concerns over COVID-19, the bubbler on this drinking fountain has been temporarily disconnected.

The bottle filler remains operational.

Please use the bottle filler to fill your cup or bottle.

Bubbler Not Available Free Printable Sign

Save the sign through this link: Free Printable Bubbler Not in Use Sign. Then print it to use at the drinking fountain

The sign is designed to fit a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper. If you have the capability, we recommend laminating the sign to increase its longevity.



Purchasing the Parts Needed to Stop Water Flow to the Bubbler and Cover the Bubbler Hole

You can purchase the parts needed to discontinue water to the bubbler in your Elkay combination drinking fountain bottle filler units from us here on 

1/4 inch end stop cap
End Stop - 1/4"

Equiparts Part Number: 48292
Manufacturer: John Guest
Manufacturer Part Number: PP4608W
View Online

Reducing Union Connector - 3/8 x 1/4

Reducing Union Connector - 3/8 x 1/4
Equiparts Part Number: 81749
Manufacturer: John Guest 
Manufacturer Part Number: PP201208W
View Online


Elkay glass filler cap
Elkay Glass Filler Cap

Equiparts Part Number: 48194
Manufacturer: Elkay Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part Number: 75581C
View Online


elkay bubbler cap
Elkay Bubbler Cap Kit

Equiparts Part Number: 48304
Manufacturer: Elkay Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part Number: 1000001792
View Online

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