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Bubbler Cover Disables Use of Drinking Fountain Bubbler

Bubbler Cover Lock Out Kit Drinking Fountain Bannerr
This bubbler cover is the perfect solution for facilities that are reopening and want to cover high-touch areas, such as drinking fountain bubblers. Can’t use the lock out kit? Scroll down to the end of the article to learn how to disable drinking fountain bubblers with repair parts instead of using the cover. 

While we all navigate life amidst the coronavirus, it's important that we try our best to stop the spread of the virus by taking preventative measures in facilities. This means adhering to all of the required county level guidelines and restrictions for your area. It also means being conscientious of other steps you can take to limit exposure to patrons. This can mean everything from creating contactless curbside pick-up from restaurants, to disabling high touch point items like drinking fountain bubblers for schools, hospitals, and other high traffic facilities. 

bubbler cover in use

Our Drinking Fountain Bubbler Lockout Kit disables the use of a bubbler on a drinking fountain or water cooler unit by covering it. This enables users to continue to use the bottle filler to dispense drinking water, but eliminate the high touch point bubbler.  

Studies have found that drinking fountain handles are one of the most contaminated places in elementary schools, sometimes containing strains of the flu. This is why during the age of the coronavirus, covering bubblers and only allowing the use of sensor-activated bottle fillers may be a good idea. 

Bubbler Lock Out Kit Specifications:

• Constructed of highly-visible, tamper-resistant polypropylene
• Withstands service temperatures from -25°F to 200°F
• Fits most bubblers up to 2-1/8 inches in diameter and 4-1/8 inches tall
Will not fit the following Oasis units:
    • Oasis Dial-A-Drink Bubbler Model 030774-016 (EC Part #05624)
   • Oasis Dial-A-Drink Bubbler Model 030774-002 (EC Part #05624PL)
    • Oasis Bubbler Model 030774-017 (EC Part # 55418)
    • Oasis Bubbler Model 026551-006 (EC Part #56065)

See how easy it is to install this bubbler cover lock out device in the video below.


The bubbler lock out kit functions by placing a polypropylene ring at the base of the bubbler. Then an adjustable ring is placed on top of the ring at the base of the bubbler that is tightened to fit the bubbler. The cap is then placed on top of the bubbler, covering it and sliding into the polypropylene ring, securing the cover in place. The matching padlock is then inserted through the cover and the polypropylene base ring to lock the cover on.


Purchasing the Bubbler Lock Out Kit

You can purchase the Bubbler Lock Out kit from Equiparts in singular quantities or packs of 6. 


Equiparts Part Number: #39047E
Manufacturer: Seton 
Manufacturer Part Number: 23298D
Price: $50.40 each
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Equiparts Part Number: #39047
Manufacturer: Seton 
Manufacturer Part Number: 23298D
Price: $283.48 for a 6-Pack
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