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Remove Bubbler on Oasis Water Cooler with Bottle Filler Units

Remove Bubbler Oasis Versafiller Unit


Disconnecting the bubblers on your drinking fountains might be something you should consider doing in order to help limit the spread of germs, given the current state of the world. This is especially true in high traffic areas like college campuses, hospitals, and other busy locations. This article will explain how to temporarily disable the bubblers on Oasis combination water cooler drinking fountain units, while still allowing patrons to use the bottle filler portion of the hydration station. Read our Eliminate the Bubbler on Elkay Units Article to learn how to remove bubblers from Elkay units. 

Unfortunately, you cannot simply cover the drinking fountain of a combination unit because the bottle filler uses the drain as well. The pathway from the bottle filler to the fountain drain must remain open.

Learn how to cap the line to the bubbler, and cover the bubbler hole on Oasis Versacooler units with the directions below. Purchase the parts needed to make the change through us here on 

Repair Parts Needed to Disable the Bubbler on Oasis PGAC/PG8AC Units

The following parts are needed to shut off the water to the bubbler on Oasis Versacooler drinking fountain with bottle filler units:

Directions for covering the bubbler hole and shutting off water to the Oasis Versacooler bubbler while keeping the bottle filler in operation

These directions begin after the water has been turned off, and the bubbler has been removed.

  1. Flip the Bubbler Hole Cover over so the tabs are facing up. Bend down three tabs on two opposing sides of the cover.
  2. With the tabs side down, place the cover on the slotted bubbler hole. 
  3. On the underside of the fountain, bend the remaining upwards facing tabs outward to secure the cover underneath the fountain and prevent it from being removed. 
  4. Cap the ¼-inch water line to the fountain with the ¼-inch Quick Connect Cap.This will eliminate the flow of water to the bubbler.
  5. Print out the free sign, shared below, and post it on or near the fountain to inform patrons that the bubbler is unavailable for use.

Be sure to store the original fitting and bubbler somewhere safe so that when the bubbler can be used again, you can uncap the line and remove the hole cover to use the fountain portion of the hydration station again. Remember that we carry bubblers if you need a new bubbler replacement for when your fountains are fully in use again. View our selection of bubblers.

Free Printable Sign to Alert Users of Temporary Disconnection of Bubbler 

Download the free sign below so you can print it out and post it on or near your drinking fountain to inform patrons and/or employees about why the bubbler is disconnected. This will also further discourage customers from touching the bubbler or push bar in an effort to produce water from the unit.

The sign reads:

Due to concerns over COVID-19, the bubbler on this drinking fountain has been temporarily disconnected.
The bottle filler remains operational.
Please use the bottle filler to fill your cup or bottle.

Bubbler Not Available Free Printable Sign

Save the sign through this link: Free Printable Bubbler Not in Use Sign. Then print it to use at the drinking fountain.

Purchasing the Parts Needed to Cover the Bubbler Hole and Cap the Water Line

Purchase the parts needed to stop the flow of water to the bubbler in your Oasis Versacooler

combination drinking fountain bottle filler units from us.


Oasis bubbler hole coverBubbler Hole Cover
Equiparts Part Number: #48278
Manufacturer: Oasis International
Manufacturer Number: 016994
View Online















Quick Connect Cap - 1/4-inch
Quick Connect Cap - 1/4-inch
Equiparts Part Number: #48279
Price: $4.45
Manufacturer: Oasis International
Mfg Number: 028645-001
View Online







Bubbler Lock Out Kit

You can also cover the bubbler with a lock out kit to stop the bubbler from being accessed. Note that this option is not applicable for all Oasis units because it does not fit all bubblers. Learn more about the bubbler cover in our Bubbler Cover Lock Out Kit Article.



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