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Elkay Retrofit Bottle Filler Guide

Elkay Retrofit Bottle Filling Station Help Article

This article is written for facility managers, purchasing managers, and anyone else who currently have Elkay drinking fountains and/or Elkay water coolers installed throughout their facility, and are looking into converting their water fountains into combination bottle filling stations by adding a bottle filler attachmentElkay drinking fountains and water coolers can be retrofitted with a simple add-on installation. In this article, you will learn which Elkay water cooler and drinking fountain models can be retrofitted and which cannot, the benefits of retrofitting your water fountains, and the most common questions that Elkay and Equiparts customer service representatives get about Elkay bottle filler retrofit options and compatibility.

First of all, kudos to you for helping your visitors stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste! And cheers to your business or organization for empowering you to make a positive impact on your facility! Elkay retrofit bottle filler attachments are a fantastic way to provide patrons with another option at your facility's Elkay drinking fountains or water coolers. A drinking fountain with bottle filler attachment enables users to either drink directly from the bubbler, or fill up a reusable water bottle, an option all of your facilit's visitors will surely appreciate.

Retrofitting water fountains into bottle filler combination units can seem like a big, complicated project. It’s not. In fact, at Equiparts, we do everything we can to make retrofitting your drinking fountain stations by adding a water fountain bottle filler attachment, easy. First, we recommend using the chart below to find out if your Elkay unit can be retrofit. You will most likely need to replace your units with new, combination bottle filler drinking fountain units unless you want to simply add a glass filler attachment, which might be possible for some units (call us for more information on glass filler attachments). Click on the link to view our selection of bottle filling stations. Select the retrofit kit that is compatible with your unit in the list below the chart. Then add your retrofit kits to the cart and place your order. Once you receive your retrofit kits, give us a call for support with your Elkay drinking fountain with bottle filler installation. And voila! Your facility will be outfitted with shiny new bottle filler kits for your water coolers.

Tip: Read the FAQ section below the chart for answers to the questions that are most often received by both Equiparts and Elkay customer support teams.

Note: When ordering multiple retrofit kits, give our office a call to find out if you qualify for free shipping by meeting Elkay’s order minimum.


Elkay Bottle Filler Chart by Equiparts

 View, Print, Share or Save the Elkay Retrofit Bottle Filler Chart PDF


View and purchase the Elkay retrofit bottle filler units mentioned in the chart through the links below: 

Elkay LZWS-ERPB8-RF ezH2O Retrofit Bottle Filling Station & Soft Sides Fountain Call to order

Elkay EZWS-ERFP8-RF Retrofit ezH2O Bottle Filling Station for Soft Sides Fountain

Elkay LZWSRK Retrofit Water Bottle Filling Station with Filter for EZ/LZ Coolers

Elkay EZWSRK Retrofit ezH2O Bottle Filling Station for EZ/LZ Cooler

Elkay LZWSR (*comes with additional parts) Retrofit Kit Vandal Proof Bottle Filling Station

 *The Vandal Proof Bottle Filling Retrofit Kit is an Equiparts exclusive kit, which is why it is labeled differently than the other kits.


Benefits of Bottle Filling Stations


There are many benefits of retrofitting your facility’s drinking fountains and/or water coolers, including the following:

  • Create Versatile Drinking Options

Drinking fountain bottle filler combination units allow users to either get a quick drink of water from the bubbler, or fill up their water bottle to keep with them during class, while they shop, or during work.

  • Showcase Environmental Actions

Upgrading water fountains to bottle filler water fountain combination units throughout your facility is a highly visual and functional display of your facility’s commitment to preserving the environment.

  • Reduce Plastic Waste

Bottle filling stations encourage the use of reusable water bottles over disposable water bottles. This reduces plastic water bottle sales and the amount of plastic bottles occupying our landfills.

  • Increase Hydration

Keeping a bottle of water close by at all times makes it easier for people to drink water throughout the day and stay hydrated.

View our online selection of Bottle Filler Retrofit Kits. If you do not see the retrofit kit you need, no worries. Give us a call. We carry more retrofit bottle filling stations than we list in our online store.


Elkay Bottle Filler Retrofit FAQs

Read the frequently asked questions below to find answers to common questions regarding retrofitting Elkay water coolers and drinking fountains.

Is retrofitting a water cooler hard?

In general, no. Retrofit kits are sold with all of the items needed to retrofit your water cooler. The kits also include detailed instructions for installation. Equiparts and Elkay customer support by phone is also available to you during regular business hours in case you need additional help or have a specific question.

Are there any big mistakes I should try to avoid when it comes to retrofitting my unit?

One mistake you don’t want to make is purchasing the wrong retrofit kit for your water cooler. This is why we have written this article for you that shows which retrofit kits are compatible with your water cooler.

Do bottle filler retrofit kits come with refrigeration?

No. If you add a bottle filler kit to a non-refrigerated drinking fountain, the Elkay drinking fountain bottle filler retrofit will also be non-refrigerated, just like the water from the fountain. If you add a bottle filler kit to a refrigerated drinking fountain, then the bottle filler water will be refrigerated as well.

Do retrofit bottle filling stations need power?

Yes. All bottle filling stations will need to plug into a power outlet.

What voltage do bottle filler retrofit kits use?

Standard 115/120 voltage.

Can EBV water coolers be retrofit with bottle fillers?

No. EBV water coolers are obsolete so there are no retrofit kits available for those units.

Can BFC water coolers be retrofit with bottle fillers?

No. EBV water coolers do not have retrofit kits.

What type of fittings do the retrofit bottle filler kits use?

Push fittings, which make installation easier.

Which is harder to retrofit, a single water cooler or a bi-level water cooler?

Single is more difficult because the unit must be pressurized. This means you have to change the set up of the internal mechanisms within the unit since water will be pumped into two locations, instead of the single connection in the original configuration. Bi-level units are already pressurized because they have two connections. This will make retrofitting easier. See the image below from Elkay to see the difference between a single, non-pressurized water cooler (pictured left,) and a two connection, pressurized water cooler and bottle filler set-up (pictured right).
Elkay pressurized water fountain versus nonpressurized diagrams

Don’t see the answer to your question?

No problem. Give us a call or send us an email to get the help you need to retrofit your Elkay water cooler or drinking fountain. We are here to help!

Phone: Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100


retrofit bottle fillers for sale

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