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Water Cooler Filter Comparison Chart

Drinking Fountain and Water Cooler Filter Comparison Chart Guide

Choosing the proper filter for your water cooler, bottle filler or drinking fountain can be confusing. So, here is an easy to use filter selection chart showcasing top water fountain brands Elkay and Oasis. These manufacturer specific charts are designed to help you easily decide which filter and/or replacement cartridge to use for your fountains, coolers, and/or bottle filler units.

If you have an Elkay water fountain, then use the chart and filter information here. Or jump down to the Oasis Filter Chart to find which filter is compatible with your Oasis water fountain. Simply find the unit manufacturer number on the chart that matches your unit model number to locate compatible filters. Read the filter descriptions below the charts for more information about the compatible filter for your unit and a link to the product listing in our online store. 

Elkay Filter Selection Chart


EWF172 vs EWF3000 vs WSF6000R
Which of these filters is the one to go with for your Elkay unit? Read about each filter to determine which is right for you. Refer to the chart for more info on these filters and to see which units are compatible with each filter.

EWF172 and 51299C (1,500 Gallons)
Filters Lead Particles and Chlorine. Reduces Odors and Discoloration. Improves Taste.

The EWF172 (Equiparts part #SP5865) is a Lead Reduction Filter designed for use in Elkay water coolers, drinking fountains, classroom bubblers and instant hot and cold water dispensers. For a replacement filter use 51299C (Equiparts part #SP5866).

EWF3000 and 51300C (3,000 Gallons)
Filters Lead Particles and Chlorine. Reduces Odors and Discoloration. Improves Taste.

The EWF3000 (Equiparts Part #87248) is a Lead Reduction Filter that is designed for use with Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Stations with visual filter monitoring. The EWF3000 filter installation kit is included with the EZH2O Retro LZWSRK model and Cooler, plus EZH2O kits. The 51300C (Equiparts Part #84553E) is a WaterSentry Plus replacement filter that is available in a variety of packs (Single, 3-Pack, 12-Pack, and 48-Pack (Case)).

WSF6000R (6,000 Gallons)
Reduces Aesthetic Chlorine, Taste and Odor and Particulate Class I as verified and substantiated by test data.

The WSF6000R (Equiparts Part #88778) is an optional replacement to the EWF3000. The units that this filter is compatible with would need reset after the 3000 gallon mark in order to reach the 6000 gallon capacity. There are however four units that DO NOT need to be reset. They have an NFC board inside and are able to detect the entire 6000 gallon capacity of the filter. These units are marked in the chart above with an asterisk (*) after the part number.



Oasis Filter Selection Chart


Green Filter vs Versafilter
Which of these filters is the one to go with for your Oasis unit? Read about each filter to determine which is right for you. Refer to the chart for more info on these filters and to see which units are compatible with each filter.

EZ-Turn Green Filter (1,000 Gallons) (#03582 & #86162)

This filter system is ideal for replacing your existing filter applications. The EZ-Turn Green Filter allows you to simultaneously connect up to two customized filters of your choice for superior water quality and taste. This biodegradable Green Filter can be installed with little more than a push and click. This filter offers an affordable, environmentally sound alternative when compared to other filtration products. The outer housing is reusable and stays intact, with only the biodegradable filter media being changed as needed.

The internal filter cartridge that goes inside the Green Filter Systems (both EZ-Turn and EZ-Clip) include the following filter cartridge options:

• Carbon - made from coconut shell charcoal; removes Chlorine, Taste and Odor
• Carbon/phosphate - removes CTO and scaling; it is ideal for keeping water appliances in good condition
• Carbon/lead - removes CTO and lead; good for buildings that have older plumbing systems
View the Cartridge Replacement for the In-Line System here:
Filter Cartridge Replacement for In-Line Green Filter System (Lead, CTO) Part #86163 or view the Cartridge Replacement for the EZ-Turn Green Filter System here: Filter Replacement Cartridge (CTO and Lead) for EZ-Turn Green Filter System
• Carbon/lead/phosphate - removes CTO, lead, scaling; ideal for broad filtration and keeping water appliances in good condition
• Spun-bonded polypropylene - removes sediments and the improves the texture, taste and clarity of incoming water
• Galaxi Filter Cartridge (3,000 Gallons)
The Galaxi filter cartridge is the most popular cartridge for EZ Turn and In-Line Green Filter Systems, and for good reason. It lasts 3 times longer than other filter cartridges, and it filters against all of the main contaminants found in most water:  Sediment, CTO, Lead, and Scale. The scale is optional and needed mainly for water that comes from hot water tanks.  Click the link to view and purchase the Galaxi Filter Cartridge

The Galaxi Filter is a drop-in filter media for the NSF certified Oasis Green Filter components. Great for residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications. The unique design of the filter combines activated carbon with a cellulose-free synthetic fiber matrix. A single cartridge performs as both a sediment filter and a carbon block. This filter media improves chlorine, taste and odor reduction. It reduces both lead and cysts. The Galaxi Filter prevents carbon fines from being released out into the water stream.


Versafilter (1,500 Gallons) (#86164)
Reduces Chlorine, Odor, Lead, and Cysts. Improves Taste and Appearance.

The multi-purpose VersaFilter filtration system is factory installed on many Oasis water coolers. Available as a replacement system for your existing unit. Easily accessible from inside the unit, allowing for fast and easy filter changes. It also has a shut-off valve which activates whenever the filter is inserted or removed from the unit. With the VersaFilter you get unparalleled performance and flexibility with maximum contaminant reduction. 

Can't find your water cooler, bottle filler, or drinking fountain listed in the above charts?

Check out all of our online filter offerings in our filter section. If you still don't see the filter you need, give us a call to order the filter(s) you need because we don't share all of the filters we carry online (we only share our most popular filters here but we carry many more). Our product specialists are available M-F from 7:30AM-5PM EST at 800-442-6622. When possible, please have your fountain model number and the filter manufacturer and model number available when you call.