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The Environmentally Friendly Oasis Filter for Water Coolers

Oasis Green Filter System: Reusable. Economical. Customizable.

oasis green filter system

The Oasis Green Filter System is a filter system for drinking fountains, water coolers, bottle fillers, and other fixtures that you see in facilities, schools, universities, corporate campuses, and other high traffic areas. This filter system is unique in comparison to other drinking fountain filters due to its reusable outer filter housing. The reusable housing makes it so when a filter's life is spent, only the 100% biodegradable inner filter media is what needs to be disposed of. By utilizing this style filter at your business or facility, you can reduce your plastic waste while simultaneously saving money and energy by purchasing one of the inner filter medias instead of entirely new filter each time.

Oasis Green Filter Systems feature a reuseable design that is eco-friendly, economical, easy to install and maintain, and customizable with a range of filter media and filter performance.

Green Filter System Type

The two types of Green Filter® Systems by Oasis are the InLine EZ-Clip and EZ-Turn. Both systems are incredibly easy to install with push into place water entry and exit valves. The InLine EZ-Clip works well in small spaces. The filter body secures to the wall or unit with the included EZ-Clip bracket. This device is compatible with most applications. The EZ-Turn Green Filter System is the best option when retrofitting existing filter applications. Both EZ-Turn and EZ-Clip filters use the same filter cartridges available with different media that filter a variety of different contaminants. The most popular media type sold for both systems is the Galaxi filter cartridge. Although is it more expensive than other cartridges, it lasts three times as long as other cartridges and filters the main contaminants that facilities are concerned with including Sediment, CTO, Lead, and Scale. The scale is optional and needed mainly for water that comes from a hot water tank as it stops scale build up in the tank. Click the link to view and purchase the Galaxi Filter Cartridge

Call one of our product specialists today to learn more about Green Filter® Systems and find out which filter system and media type is right for your location: 800-442-6622 (M-F, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST.) Select either of the filter kits listed below to learn more about them on their individual product pages. 

View #86162 In-Line Filter Kit          

View #03582 Filter for P8AM & P8AC units

View #03583 Filter for Other Oasis Series Models



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